Kraft kills iSnack 2.0

30 09 2009

iSnack 2.0

iSnack 2.0

The Australian has just reported that Kraft has killed off the iSnack 2.0 brand name, just three days after announcing it. I just posted to our global TechPRNibbles blog earlier today with some thoughts.

Now the enquiry begins.

Was this a PR disaster, or a very clever (and brave) way of getting the Australian public talking about the product? It’s no surprise that the name is being dropped so soon, but how will the public feel and how will that impact the new brand and sales. Time will tell.

Expect the discussion to go on for several weeks yet. What isn’t in doubt is that iSnack 2.0 will go down as one of the worst brand names ever brought to market.


Why Blog by Rohit?

18 09 2009

We were fortunate to have one of Ogilvy PR’s social media experts in Sydney last week, Rohit Bhargava. Rohit is the author of Personality not Included, and is a Top 50 blogger as ranked by AdAge with his Influential Marketing blog.

In this podcast by BNet Australia, Rohit explains what the role of a blog is for a business and how he managed to develop such a substantial following and what others can learn from his success.

Rohit has also just posted 5 myths on social media, which I recommend. Great post.

Congratulations Lexy

9 08 2009

Congratulations to my colleague, Lexy Klain, who has moved up six places to number 19 in the Top 27 Blogs of people under 27. The list is compiled by AdSpace Pioneer’s Julian Cole.