Putting the Flip Cam in your PR Toolkit

31 08 2009

Just read this post by John Earnhardt at Cisco, giving 5 reasons why PR people should carry a Flip camera.

We have recently acquired one for our agency here at Howorth.

Here are 5 more reasons why PR people need to get one:

1. Capture video of your work events (social or serious). Social event footage is great for recruitment purposes, to demonstrate what you get up to and the fun employees can have and to share the personality of the organisation.

2. Capture video of your client events to showcase on your website, along with client testimonials. Great third party endorsement and it only takes a couple of minutes.

3. Capture video of your CSR activities. At Ogilvy PR in Australia we have our SoInspired program, which includes whole day activities for employees to spend a day offsite helping a good cause.

4. Capture keynote speakers at events or try to get a 1:1 with them. You will be surprised how often they say yes.

5. Capture comments from journalists, analysts or other key stakeholders. Again, they are obliging.

There is so much more potential.




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