I Am a Corporate Blogger Expert Shares His Tips

25 08 2009

This is a great video on corporate blogging from eBay’s chief blogger Richard Brewer-Hay. In it he discusses the importance of having a social media policy and gives tips on how to craft an effective one. He also states some of the fundamentals like frequency of posting, overall philosophy and strategies for success.

Meanwhile, according to a  US research study called “The Fortune 500 and Blogging: Slow and Steady”, conducted by Nora Ganim Barnes, senior fellow and research chair of the Society for New Communications Research and professor of marketing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and Eric Mattson, CEO of Financial Insite (a Seattle-based research firm), the Fortune 500 are farther along in their adoption of public-facing corporate blogs. It says these organisations are adopting social media at a slower rate than other leading businesses, universities and charities, but many more of them are blogging.  For example, 81 of the Fortune 500 or 16% have public-facing blogs. This compares with 39% percent of the Inc. 500; 41% of the higher education sector and 57% of the nation’s Top 200 Charities.


Among other findings:

·         About a quarter (28%) of the Fortune 500’s blogs link to Twitter accounts. (Other Fortune 500 companies have Twitter accounts, but they are not linked to their blogs)

·         Five of the top ten companies have public blogs: Wal-Mart, Chevron, General Motors, Ford, and Bank of America.

·         90% of the Fortune 500’s blogs have the comments feature enabled.

·         The computer software/hardware technology industry has the most blogs, followed by the food and drug industry, financial services, Internet services, semi-conductors, retail and automotive respectively.

·         Ten per cent of the Fortune 500’s blogs link to podcasts; 21 percent incorporate video.

I haven’t seen any stats on the Aussie market, unless someone can direct me there?




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