Using social media rules to improve ‘offline’ PR – Marketing Magazine

3 07 2009

Interesting post from Trevor Young Using social media rules to improve ‘offline’ PR – Marketing Magazine

Shared via AddThis and I couldn’t agree more. In conversations that I am having with people, there is a huge concern around loss of control when thinking about social media. Wrong. This is a world of two way communications and the organisations that are willing to engage the external audiences through participation will benefit in the long term. Social media puts the public back in public relations. Listen. Monitor the conversation. What’s the mood. PR is the boundary scanner for its organisation and social media is an on tap feed directly into the organisation. Use that information strategically to inform and help your decision making process. All the ways in which you plan in the offline world, do the same in the digital world. Avoid the knee jerk tactical approach, please do your homework first.




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